Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finally a Heater and Hay

Today we went out and bought a heater for the barn, this should enable us to use water bottles even during the winter, and keep it warm enough so when we have kits I can be less worried about them. I have never really had successful litters in the winter, so hoping this year with some good moms will make a world of difference.

Gotta tell you, going into a warm barn to clean trays is awesome! The buns seemed happy as well, I know they would do fine with out a heater and it's probably more for my comfort then theirs, but they sure did seem to like it  better.

We also were finally able to track down some hay for the winter, they really liked that. It's been awhile since I have actually been able to feed hay, I really like it in the winter, and especially with youngsters.

Not much going on other then getting ready for winter, I fear it will be a harsh one here in MI. Tonight is already 19 degrees, I think the coldest it's been. It was snowing of and on as well today, so the heater came just in time.

Show season is over, really did not accomplish that much this year. But I did just switch breeds, so I don't expect much honestly. I plan to keep the two juniors i have now, grow them out and in march either show them, or sell one and keep the other. I'll probably get them both out tomorrow, and get a really good look. No sense in trying to sell now, to close to the holiday and I'm so over pet sales anyhow, people in my area are crazy.

Now if only I can get my bucks to breed my does! I can get more of a start. I'd really like to have all  my own home bred stock to show next year. We shall see.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A bit of a Change since June

It's been since June since I last blogged, been a bit busy as usual, not much time spent on my computer this summer. Our son is 3 1/2 so we have been out and about doing things. Last time I introduced our new Mini lops, and sooo much has happened since then in the herd.

I ended up bring up home two more at the show, a doe and a buck. And then went back to the breeder I got cowboy and cowgirl, and brought home three more. Two Sr does and a Sr buck. One doe is amazing, she is a GC with nine legs If I remember correctly. All three are super nice and all registered which is a plus for me since my one main goal was to try and keep up on registering.

So now I have all my foundation stock that I need, I don't plan on buying anymore because this time around I really would like to have my own built lines and show them. I'd feel so much more pleasure over this then showing other peoples lines.

I did have my first litter with my GC Opal doe, Two kits. A Doe and a Buck. I plan to hold on to them for a bit, let them grow, then I will decide who goes and who stays. I'd like to keep the doe, but if the buck is nicer then her well then she will go and he will stay.

Been working on getting my others bred, no such luck. Weathers been a bit of last month of so, so I haven't really pushed breeding so much since I need more cage space big time. Hoping next month to get a few more.

I Fear I will out grow my barn though so I need to learn how to be extra picky and cull hard as I get deeper into my own lines. I'd say my biggest fault was not being picky enough, or knowing my standard good enough.

I really have not been to any shows this year. Was planning on doing the one at MSU but I'm not so sure now. I may just go to get supplies and hang out with some people instead of showing. Maybe get a hotel for the night.

I hope over the time I get to share more success then the negative. Hopefully blog about my hard work lol.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Big change

When I mean big it's huge! lol okay maybe not that huge but defiantly something different going on at asinaway's rabbitry. The last show my husband and I went to, we fell in love with another breed Mini lops. Well actually I fell in love awhile ago but did not want to start up another breed when this year has been horrible for us with the mini rex, both on personal issues, and breeding issues.

Soooo now the big changed, we are no longer breeding and showing mini rex. Most of my stock has already found homes, some are still here waiting to be delivered at the next show or picked up, and we have one left to show. If I said I was sad, it really would not be the whole truth. Don't get me wrong I love the breed but some things about them just were not filling the void of happiness I want in this hobby.

So Out goes the mini rex anddddd in comes the mini lops. We took a very long trip and picked up to nice jr's a doe and a buck. I usually like to wait till they are a bit older, so I can really evaluate them but I really liked these two, and have good feelings about them. When I got to the show on the 23rd I will be picking up some brood stock or some senior show quality, so I can get going on my own lines.

I think it's amazing although maybe a tad bit confusing on all the colors but with time I'm sure I'll learn. Type is a bit different with the crown and things. But no more variety classes, you show them solid or broken soooo nice....


Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Show of the year and New MR

The MSU show was well not a very successful one for us, we had really nothing that was bred here to show, only those that we had bought from other breeders. Everyone is out of condition, so I was suspecting us not to do well but it was fun no matter what and I was able to buy some things that I had been wanting for awhile.

We decided to hold off on shows until we get some of our own juniors on the table, so now if only we can get these darn rabbits to breed. It's been a struggle that's for sure. I bred four today and one is due on the 26th but after palpating her I'm positive she's not pregnant. I really don't think anyone took today, the bucks were being lazy, only one of my does were even ready. But out of all that I bred only one is a proven mother, the others are all virgins so we will see what happens.

We bought four new MR at the show so I'll do some introductions:
My husbands First Black otter Doe

Pride my broken red buck- Soooo excited.
Ginger- Castor Doe

PC's Dopey- Castor Buck\

We badly needed new foundation stock to work on our lines better and these four will be a big bonus for us. Plus I can finally see some broken red kits in my future, now if only I can get spice bred to him. She carry's red and has a heavier pattern, so paired with pride I do believe I will get a few nicely marked kits. 

We also were able to pick up a 9 hole cage bringing us to a total of 26 holes, much more to work with. Now I have a place for Jr's till I decide if they stay or go. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing Asinaway's Polly Pocket

My last post I was talking about getting back one of my kits that I had given to my co-worker. Well here " She" is. Thought she was a he, but I had gotten the ear tat mixed up when I had given her to my co-worker and have never re checked the gender.

Absolutely love her, very compact, short ears. I'm shocked at what her parents had produced because not many of her siblings had ever been this nice, hence why i never kept any. Both her parents are gone now, so she is the last link to that line that i could get my hands on and I am excited.

Can't show her because her sibling had chewed on the tip of her ear but she will be kept for breeding. I will be looking for a buck to pair up with her, and then for this spring/summer she will become a momma, to bring in some fresh new jr's for me to show.

Beautiful ring color!

And a nice sweet face with a great temperament. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random post and pictures

Everyone is doing well, I do believe all four of my does are pregnant. Of course I still suck at palpating so who knows if I am correct. Have two weeks left, and cannot wait. Really looking forward to some live kits.

Talking to my co-worker she may be giving me back my one buck I gave to her, I mentioned that he was the last living line that I knew of from my Castor herd buck that passed away. She offered to give him back to me if I wanted. I hate to take things back after I give them, but she was going to eat him, and if he's as nice as she said, I could really use him as a replacement for mouse.

I love how all my does have decent minds about them, heating up the shed the other day and let them all out of their cages so they could move around. No one really fought, the youngest doe tried to dominate the older ones but she was quickly put in her place. I felt like they all could have been out for hours with no problems. Since we are getting a fence in our back yard, I might get more of a bunny safe fencing and fence of a smaller area so they can lay on the grass, i think that will really benefit their health.

Love giving them boxes, I usually have those big 24 can pop boxes. I cut them in half and they usually will last each bun about three weeks before needing replacing. I put treats and hay in there. Some will sleep in them, others chew them apart.

This is Big Momma, her names actually lacy but shes huge for a MR. I keep her around because although huge she makes small kits with great type and fur.

This is one of the new bucks I forgot to mention in my other post. He's too big to be shown, but I'm going to use him for breeding and see what he throws. 

Little old grumpy who sits in the corner until I leave. Bred to my red buck, hoping for some broken reds. Her last litter to a solid castor she gave me one booted red, a red, and a broken castor. Her second litter bred to a broken black, she gave me a good mixture and one really nice broken castor, but non survived due to poor milk supply i think. This time I'll be watching more carefully, and I will foster if need be.So I have high hopes for her to give me some nice marked babies again.

The two new additions munching on their food, good eaters that's for sure. They are very well tempered which is what I like it my rabbits. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing my new red doe and black buck

I finally found something to update on here, not much has really been going on. Pretty much to a hiatus from things since our last failed breeding's. This time around we have four does bred, I plan to just foster out sunburns kits as soon as they are born to another doe, or split however many she has amongst the does who have kits themselves. I know for a fact all the other does are wonderful mothers, so there should not be a problem.

I realized I should introduce my two new additions, we got from our dearest friend Kellie. 

First up Ella, who is actually a kit from one of my own bucks that I gave to our friend. Really impressed with his lines that he passed on. She's a nice Doe, can't be shown because her sibling chewed on her ears but she should make a good addition to our breeding program when she's ready to breed. I plan to line breed her back to her sires brother, so her uncle. She's is in molt right now, so her coat could use some improvement, but I like her. Nice short ears, good clean coat, good density. I think i like her shoulders.

Next up is my new black buck, black jack. Not sure what I want to do with him, since I don't breed blacks. I might though, who knows what the future holds. I'll show him see how he dose, then maybe purchase a black doe to pair up with him. 

Hopefully my future posts includes kits, we are desperate to improve out lines but only if we can get these does to take and then keep the kits alive. 

Thanks for reading