Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finally a Heater and Hay

Today we went out and bought a heater for the barn, this should enable us to use water bottles even during the winter, and keep it warm enough so when we have kits I can be less worried about them. I have never really had successful litters in the winter, so hoping this year with some good moms will make a world of difference.

Gotta tell you, going into a warm barn to clean trays is awesome! The buns seemed happy as well, I know they would do fine with out a heater and it's probably more for my comfort then theirs, but they sure did seem to like it  better.

We also were finally able to track down some hay for the winter, they really liked that. It's been awhile since I have actually been able to feed hay, I really like it in the winter, and especially with youngsters.

Not much going on other then getting ready for winter, I fear it will be a harsh one here in MI. Tonight is already 19 degrees, I think the coldest it's been. It was snowing of and on as well today, so the heater came just in time.

Show season is over, really did not accomplish that much this year. But I did just switch breeds, so I don't expect much honestly. I plan to keep the two juniors i have now, grow them out and in march either show them, or sell one and keep the other. I'll probably get them both out tomorrow, and get a really good look. No sense in trying to sell now, to close to the holiday and I'm so over pet sales anyhow, people in my area are crazy.

Now if only I can get my bucks to breed my does! I can get more of a start. I'd really like to have all  my own home bred stock to show next year. We shall see.

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